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Hello students & parents,

AR is a very important part of your student's day at Lake Elementary. Books are a great tool for students to engage in daily to expand their knowledge & vocabulary. Please make sure to read with your student nightly. If you have any questions, please let me know via email address listed. Please subscribe and check back for regular updates and shout outs!

Happy Reading!!


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Alright students! We're offering an AWESOME challenge and incentive to keep you reading & your AR progress growing over our extended break! Make sure you are reading your books very well before testing. Please make sure you are reading age appropriate books as well. It isn't fair to our younger students for 4th graders to rack up on points reading books too easy for them. Check ARBOOKFIND.COM to see if the book you are reading has an AR quiz number. This site will also give you the reading level. Make sure it isn't too easy or too hard for your reading level.

For grades 1-4:

The student in each with the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE AND MOST POINTS will receive 20 BRAG TAGS! Make sure you read your books well. Your overall AR percentage must stay above 85% for the points to count!


I'll be monitoring your progress from home & giving shout outs to those students who are doing awesome work!! This incentive is valid only during our break. Keep watching and reading!
You guys are doing a great job reading over your extended break! Keep up the good work.

Shout out to these kiddos for working extra hard to keep their reading skills sharp:

Isla, Jules, Kaylee, Maddie, Ella, Emma, Bentley H., Brylee, Jaliyah L., Marshall, Brooklyn A., Amberly, Ericka, Paisley, Liam, Jakaylee, Harper, Alex, Audrey, Kip, Aidan, Lauryn, Stella, Laney, Dax, RJ S., Clayton, Colt, Jayla, Kisses, Jaycee M., Trenton, Makenna

This is updated as of 10:30am 3/19/2020. So if you take a test after that point, check back tomorrow for your shout out! GREAT JOB KIDS!
Sending a shoutout to these kiddos for their hardwork of keeping up their reading skills! GREAT JOB!

Kaylee, Maddie, Ella, Damien, Amyia, Marshall, Gabe, Brooklyn A., Liam, Elaina B., Jakaylee, Sophie M. (McGee), Kipton, Aiden, Stella, Laney, Ella Brooke,  Londyn M., RJ S., London S., Amelia, Jayla, Trenton, Makenna

Posted as of 10:00AM 3/20/2020.
Monday Morning shoutouts coming up!! You guys rock! We had a few weekend test takers! Keep those reading skills sharp & keep working hard!

Kaylee, Maddie, Branson, Damien, Jakaylee, Sophie M. (McGee), RJ S., Jayla,

These were tests from the weekend. List published at 9:55am 3/23. Keep watching!
Isla, Jules, Idris, Amyia, Patrick, Elaina, Brody, Lauryn, Stella, Ella D., Dax, Laney, Kisses, Jacey W., Cole C., Ryanna, McKenna, Makenna P.
Tristan B., Cole C., Jayla, Elijah D., Ella D., Elaina, Brody, Damien, Branson, Kaylee, Maddie,
Maddie, Idris, Addison, Aiden, Lauryn, Dax, Elijah, Jayla, Kisses, Cole C.,
Isla, Jules, Sophie M. (Bounds), Kaylee, Maddie, Marshall, Patrick, Elaina, Jakaylee, Brody, RJ S., Jessie, Jayla, Kisses, Makenna W.,
Sophie M. (Bounds), Maddie, Jordan, Amyia, Brooklyn A., Patrick, Elaina, Jakaylee, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Kipton, Aiden, Lauryn, Dax, Jayla, Kisses, Jamey, Makenna W.,
Kaylee, Patrick, Alex, Audrey, Aiden, Stella, Dax, Jayla, Kisses, Cole C.,
Kaylee, Maddie, Patrick, Brody, Elijah, Jayla, Kisses, Makenna W.
Kaylee, Maddie, Elaina, Jakaylee, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Elijah, Jayla, Kisses, Cole C., Makenna W.
Maddie, Damien, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Elijah, Kisses,
Sophie M. (Bounds), Kaylee, Maddie, Damien, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Dax, Kisses, Makenna W.
Isla, Kaylee, Maddie, Patrick, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Dax, Elijah, Jessie, Kisses, Makenna W.
Jakaylee, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Stella, Jessie, Caleb C., Kisses, Jacey,
Makenna W.
Maddie, Amyia, Jakaylee, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Elijah, Kisses, Jamey, Makenna W.
Maddie, Patrick, Brody, Alex, Kisses, Cole C., Makenna W.
Maddie, Nate, Patrick, Brody, Audrey (4/11), Lauryn, Jessie, Jayla, Kisses, Makenna W.
Sophie M. (Bounds), Amyia, Patrick, Brody, Lauryn, Elijah, Kisses,
Isla, Kamden, Patrick, Brody, Kip, Elijah, Jessie, Cole C.
Sophie M. (Bounds), Kaylee, Maddie, Amyia, Jakaylee, Alex, Kisses, Jacey, Makenna
Isla, Jules, Kaylee, Maddie, Brody, Alex, Kip, Elijah,
Kaylee, Maddie, Branson, Amyia, Bryatt, Hakeem (4/18), Brody (4/18),  Alex (4/19), Audrey, Jayla, Kisses, Jacey, Cole C.,
Idris, Jakaylee, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Elijah, Kisses, Jacey, Cole C.,
Tristan M., Jakaylee, Brody, Alex, Elijah, Makenna
Tristan M., Kaylee, Maddie, Branson, Amyia, Brody, Audrey, Lauryn, Elijah, Kisses, Makenna
Dax, Kisses,
Sophie M., (Bounds), Kaylee, Idris, Branson, Amyia, Brody (4/26), Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Kisses,
Kaylee, Maddie, Damien, Amyia, Alex, Audrey, Stella, Kisses, Makenna
Damien, Jakaylee, Brody, Kisses, Cole C.,
Kaylee, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Lauryn, Jayla, Kisses,
Jakaylee, Maddie, Alex, Audrey, Jayla, Makenna W.
Damien, Brody, Alex (5/3), Audrey (5/3), Elijah, Kisses, Cole C.,
Kaylee, Damien, Amyia, Blakely, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Kisses,
Maddie, Jaliyah (Clark), Brody, Stella, Elijah, Kisses, Makenna,
Maddie, Damien, Brody, Londynn, Elijah, Kisses, Makenna
Blakely, Dax, Kisses,
Mary, Brody, Alex, Audrey, Jayla, Kisses,
Kaylee, Amyia, Jakaylee, Kisses,
Nylah, Kisses,