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Williams Named Teacher of the Year
Posted On:
Monday, January 22, 2018
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We are excited to announce our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Seana Williams! Mrs. Williams has been an 11 year member of our Hornet family! She has taught 4th grade, 3rd grade and is currently teaching 1st grade.
Mrs. Williams earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Mississippi State University and a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Mississippi. She has been a teacher for a total of 16 years with 11 of those years in the LES family. When asked about what her hobbies and interests are, she said, “My hobbies are whatever my family's hobbies are. During soccer season, it's soccer. During softball season, it's softball. During the fall/winter, it’s Dixie National —it's showing pigs and cows!” She enjoys spending time with her family and doing things outside and as a family.

Mrs. Williams brings magic to the classroom each day, and it is evident she LOVES this calling. “I love the feeling of accomplishment when the students are committed to their own learning and reach or even exceed their own goals. They constantly surprise me and keep ME learning new stuff everyday. I love that when they know you love them and they see that I am giving them my best, they will give me their best in return. I love that no matter how diverse the setting or how complicated the class may be, I try to never lose sight of the ultimate goal and always do what is best for the children.” A visit to her classroom on any given day reveals her goal of “giving them my best”. From movement to music to a lot of magic, she keeps her students actively engaged and interested in learning. “I like to change it up and get crazy, silly and loud ...sing and dance and yell and do whatever it takes! I just love to see learning and life through their eyes!”

Mrs. Williams is married to Jason Williams. They have three children - Mary Preston, Molly Beth and Mattie. They reside in Sweetwater (a/k/a Hickory, MS).

We are so blessed to have Mrs. Williams in our LES family. We love and appreciate you and all that you do!